Weather report


Jibo provides weather information based on the location set in your Jibo App. To adjust your location information, see Change Jibo's known location.

To receive proactive weather alerts as part of your Personal Report and to change other Weather settings, see How do I set up or modify my Personal Report?


Hey Jibo, what’s the weather.
Hey Jibo, Personal Report

You can also ask Jibo about the weather tonight, tomorrow, this weekend, or in other locations. Try saying any of the following:

  • Hey Jibo, what’s the weather forecast for next week?
  • Hey Jibo, what's the weather in Boston?
  • Hey Jibo, will I need an umbrella tomorrow?
  • Hey Jibo, what’s the weather in Paris this weekend?

To get weather via the touch screen:

  1. Tap Jibo’s eye.
  2. Tap Personal Report from the main menu.
  3. Tap Weather
Please note

If Jibo cannot ID your voice, or if you selected the Weather button from the touchscreen menu, Jibo will not apply your Personal Report settings to your weather and will offer his local weather in Fahrenheit as default. If this happens, please ask for your Personal Report or select Full Report from the touchscreen menu and select your name from the list of loop members provided.

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