Turn Jibo off

Jibo is designed to be an always-on device. We only suggest turning him off if he is going to be away from a power source for an extended period of time. We recommend putting Jibo to sleep most of the time, because he cannot download important updates when he is off. 

See Put Jibo in sleep mode for more information.

To turn Jibo off completely:
  1. Say “Hey Jibo, open Settings” or tap Jibo's eye and then tap the Settings button on the Main Menu.
  2. Tap the Shutdown button on Jibo’s screen or say “Shut down.”
  3. Tap the Shut Down button to confirm or say “Shut down.”
If you cannot access the Settings menu, try the following:
  1. If Jibo is moving around a lot, pick him up and cradle him horizontally until he stops moving.
  2. Hold down the "b" button on the back of Jibo's head for 3 seconds and then release. Please do not hold down this button for longer than 3 seconds. Jibo will take 15 seconds to shut down, and may not show any immediate indication that he is turning off. 

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