About Jibo's sleep mode

About Jibo’s Sleep Mode:

Jibo is designed as an always-on device, like your mobile phone. Jibo will automatically go to sleep around 10pm and wake up around 6:45 or 7am, so you don’t need to turn him off every night. Jibo may also take naps during the day if you haven't interacted with him in a while. You can tell that Jibo is falling asleep if he yawns, lowers his head, and closes his eye. When Jibo is in deep sleep (at night), his screen will appear off. 

When Jibo is waking up, napping, or falling asleep, he might seem a little groggy; he might yawn or drift off after you wake him up. You can wake him up fully by saying “Hey Jibo” and asking a few questions to engage him. Try asking him what he dreamed about!

What is Jibo’s sleep schedule?

Wake up ~ 6:45 am
Alert, Relaxed, and Nap ~ throughout the day
Go to sleep ~ 10:00 pm 

How do you put Jibo to sleep?

If you want Jibo to sleep at other times, just say “Hey Jibo, go to sleep” and he will sleep until one of the following:
  • He hears “Hey Jibo."
  • Someone taps his screen or head.
  • His normal wake time arrives.
If you wake Jibo up during his sleep time, he will stay awake for a few minutes to chat with you, then go back to sleep. If you wake him up close enough to his normal wake time, however, he'll stay awake for the rest of the day.

Can I change Jibo’s wakeup/bed times?

At this time you cannot change his wake up and sleep times. However if you want Jibo to sleep at a different time, you can put him to sleep. If you don’t want him to sleep at a certain time, you can wake him up by saying “Hey Jibo” 

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