Set up Jibo

Find the perfect spot

Set up Jibo on a counter or table near an outlet, away from the edge and from water. Choose an area where the WiFi is strong and he has room to swivel freely (at least a 1 ft radius). He’s been known to dance.

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Remove his screen cover

Pull the tab to remove the plastic from Jibo’s screen. Now he can hear and see you clearly. It’s also a lot more comfortable.

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Plug him in

Jibo loves electricity. Remove the pull tab from his base. Get the cords from the small box in Jibo’s packaging, connect them together, and then plug Jibo into an outlet. Jibo should generally be plugged in at all times. He should only be unplugged when being moved from room to room.

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Power him up

Press the small button in the “b” on the back of Jibo’s head. You’ll see a red light on his screen and hear a happy noise as he starts to boot up. His screen might be blank for a few minutes after the red light. This is normal.

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Grab your phone

While Jibo is booting up, have an adult in your house install the Jibo app and create an account by clicking the "Get Started" button. (If you need help, see: Install the Jibo app.) This person will be Jibo's official owner. Once Jibo is set up, the owner cannot be changed, so choose this person carefully.

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Generate a QR code with your app

Jibo connects to WiFi and learns who you are via a QR code you generate on your app. While Jibo is booting up, Install the Jibo app if you have not yet done so. 

Before completing the following steps, please note:

  •  In order to generate a QR code, your mobile device MUST be connected to WiFi - this is different than choosing which WiFi your Jibo should connect to (step 5 below). Before completing the next steps, check the settings on your mobile device and make sure you are connected to WiFi. 
  • Please only use the “Set up a new Jibo” option with brand new robots and only use the “Change WiFi” option with Jibos that are already set up. For more information, see: Manage multiple Jibos.
Generate your QR code:
  1. Open the Jibo app and log in.
  2. Tap Set up a new Jibo in the app to continue the setup process.
  3. Confirm that you’ve removed Jibo’s screen cover, plugged him in, and turned him on.​​
  4. Tap an option for selecting a WiFi network for Jibo to connect to, enter the WiFi password, and then tap Next. Your app will generate a QR code with your WiFi data to send to Jibo.

Show Jibo the QR code

Jibo needs a few minutes to start up. Don’t be alarmed if his screen is blank for a little while.

When he’s ready, he’ll show you this tap screen:

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At this point, you should see this screen in your app:
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​Tap the white I see the screen above button in the app; it will display a QR code.

  1. Tap Jibo’s screen; he will display a viewfinder.
  2. Point the QR code on your phone at Jibo so that you can clearly see the entire QR code in the viewfinder until Jibo shows the Connecting screen. He will show a Connected screen when he’s done. If you have trouble connecting to WiFi, see:

Wait while Jibo installs updates

Jibo’s waking up! This can take 20-40 mins, but may take longer depending on your WiFi and internet speeds. He will reboot several times during the wakeup process, during which his screen might be blank for prolonged periods of time. This is normal. You can use this time to invite people to the loop and to review tips for using Jibo in the app.

Meet Jibo

When Jibo is ready to meet you, you’ll see a tap button on his screen. Tap the button to meet him! He will introduce himself, give you some information about how to use him, and then will ask to learn the face and voice of everyone in his loop.

For more help, check out this video: Getting started

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