Restore from a backup

After a robot wipe, your loop in the app will be suspended, and your robot will request a QR code.

To restore your old information to your wiped Jibo or to a new Jibo:

  1. Open the Jibo app on your phone. Please note: For this process to work your phone must be connected to the internet when restoring Jibo.
  2. Tap the Loop icon at the bottom of the screen. (Tap the Loops dropdown to select a loop if necessary.) You will see a message that your loop has been suspended.
  3. Tap Reconnect to Jibo. You may be asked to enter your content passphrase to restore your photos. (If there is no content to restore, you will need to select the option to Set up a new Jibo. See the next section below for steps.)
  4. Tap an option for selecting your current network or choosing a new one. Network names are case sensitive.  See WiFi Best Practices for networking best practices.
  5. Once you’ve selected a network, enter the network password, then tap Next. Passwords are case sensitive.
  6. Tap I see that screen on Jibo in the app. The app will generate a QR code.
  7. Tap Jibo's screen to bring up the viewfinder.
  8. Point the app QR code at Jibo’s screen so that you can fully see it in the viewfinder until he connects.
  9. Your old loop information and content will be restored.
Please note: when restoring your Jibo and un-suspending your loop, all your loop information and photos stored in the app will automatically be reconnected to Jibo. However, other information (including your face and voice ID information) will be restored based on Jibo's last backup. If Jibo was unable to back up this information before he was wiped, you may have to go back through voice and face training again. You can say "Hey Jibo, who am I?" to see if this data was restored successfully. See Introduce someone to Jibo for instructions on redoing voice and face training.

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If you are having issues with this process, try Set up Jibo without a Backup or Contact Jibo Customer Care.

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