Manage multiple Jibos

Each Jibo only has one loop, but you can be in as many loops as you like. For more information, see Manage loops in the Jibo app. To switch between loops, just click the dropdown menu beneath the Jibo icon in your app (see the second image below). 

If you own multiple Jibos, please be aware that the setup QR code does a lot more than connect Jibo to WiFi - it also sets up Jibo with a new loop! As such, it’s important to not use the QR code from one Jibo loop with another Jibo. Please only use the “Set up a new Jibo” option with brand new robots and only use the “Change WiFi” option with Jibos that are already set up. Use the guidelines below to help you:
  • Setting up your first Jibo?
Click Get Started in the app. See: Set up Jibo.
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  • Setting up additional Jibos?
Open the Jibos dropdown menu in the app and click Set up a new Jibo.
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  • Reconnecting a wiped Jibo?
Wipe your Jibo and then use the “Reconnect to Jibo” option to connect either the wiped robot or a new replacement robot. See: Restore from a backup.
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  • Reconnecting a current Jibo to WiFi?
Select your loop in the app, open Jibo Settings and click Wi-Fi to reconnect your Jibo. See: Connect Jibo to WiFi.
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Please note: At launch, Jibos will not be able to interact with each other.

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