Leave a loop

    Leave a loop (loop owner)

    Loop owners cannot leave their own loops without first wiping Jibo.

    1. See: Clear all user data from Jibo

    Leave a loop (loop member)

    This cannot be undone. You will need to ask the loop owner to invite you to the loop again if you change your mind. If you do not have the Jibo app, you will need to ask the loop owner to remove you from the loop.
    1. Open the Jibo app on your phone.
    2. Tap the Loop tab.
    3. Tap the Loop name dropdown and select the loop to leave.
    4. Tap your name in the Loop Members list.
    5. Tap Edit on your profile page.
    6. Tap Leave this Loop.
    7. If you are on an Android device, tap Leave to confirm.

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