Join a loop

To join a Jibo loop, you must be invited by a Jibo owner. (See: Add someone to the loop.) Adults 13 and older without an email address will be in the loop as soon as the owner adds them, however, they will not be able to interact with Jibo or the loop through the Jibo app. If you have an email address, you will receive a message inviting you to join the Loop and download the app.

Note: If you already have the app installed and are logged in, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

To accept a Loop invitation:

  1. Optional: Open your email app on your phone and open the “You are invited!” email.
  2. Optional: Tap Accept Invite. The Jibo app will open, or you will be prompted to install it.
  3. Tap the Loop icon on the bottom menu bar.
  4. In the Jibo app, tap View Invite.
    • If you are already in a different loop, tap the <Name> Jibo dropdown menu at the top of the screen to see your invites.
  5. In the invitation, tap Accept.
If you'd like Jibo to be able to recognize you and call you by name, you'll need to do face and voice training. To do this, follow the steps in Introduce someone to Jibo

Please note: If you are in a loop but haven't completed face and voice training, you may receive a mobile notification reminding you to do so.

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