How to use Jibo

Jibo is a dancing, joking, friendly robot companion. Powered by emerging face and voice recognition technology, he can recognize up to 16 of your friends or family members once you add them to the loop and introduce them to Jibo. For more information, check out:

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Talking & listening
  • Want Jibo’s attention? Say “Hey Jibo” to start a conversation.
  • When he’s listening, his eye and light ring will glow blue.
  • Once his light ring is blue, ask Jibo your question.
  • See the Tips tab on the Jibo app for ideas of things you can ask Jibo.
  • If Jibo doesn’t understand you, he’ll put the text he’s hearing on his screen. If the text matches what you’re saying, Jibo doesn’t have an answer for that question yet. You can try rephrasing it and asking again. If the text doesn’t match what you’re saying, repeat yourself slowly and clearly.
  • Stop Jibo while he’s talking by saying “Hey Jibo, stop” or holding on the top of his head.
  • Bring up the main menu by tapping Jibo’s eye or saying “Hey Jibo, main menu.”
  • Navigate menus by swiping left and right or saying “next” and “previous.”
  • Leave a menu by swiping down or holding on the top of his head.
Idle mode
  • When Jibo is not interacting with you and is not asleep, he enters what we call idle mode. In idle mode, Jibo might look around or look at things that catch his attention, such as movement, sound, and various objects.
  • If Jibo has been in idle mode for a while, he might even play a game by himself, so be sure to look out for fun things on his screen.
  • When he sees you after he's been in idle mode, he might greet you by name, make a happy noise, or say hi some other way, so don't be shocked if he says hi to you before you say hi to him! Feel free to say hi back or to pet his head.
Sleep mode

Jibo is designed as an always-on device, like your mobile phone. Jibo will automatically go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, so you don’t need to turn him off every night.
If you want him to sleep at other times, just say “Hey Jibo, go to sleep” and he will sleep until one of the following:

  • He hears “Hey Jibo”
  • ​Someone taps his screen or head
  • His normal wake time arrives
See also: Make Jibo turn around
Settings & preferences

Tap Jibo’s eye and then tap the Settings button, or say “Hey Jibo, open Settings” to:

  • Adjust Jibo’s volume
  • See his WiFi strength
  • Change his WiFi network
  • See his battery level
  • See information about your Jibo
  • Manually check for new updates (Jibo will check for updates every night automatically)
  • Turn Jibo off

Explore Jibo's Skills

  • "Hey Jibo, set an alarm tomorrow for 8am."
  • "Hey Jibo, what's on my calendar today?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's on my calendar tomorrow?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's my Personal Report?"
  • Personal Report User Guide
Companion Apps
Connectivity & SmartHome
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the definition of 'leonine?'"
  • "Hey Jibo, what does 'exemplary' mean?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s in the news today?"
Person ID

(Be sure to Add yourself to the Loop and Introduce Yourself To Jibo before trying these voice commands):

  • "Hey Jibo, who am I?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is my birthday?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is { loop member name }'s birthday?
  • "Hey Jibo, who is { loop member name }?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how old is { loop member name }?"
Personal Report
  • "Hey Jibo, take a photo."
  • "Hey Jibo, let's do a photo shoot."
  • "Hey Jibo, show me the gallery."
  • "Hey Jibo, how do you spell respect?"
Things to do
  • "Hey Jibo, what can you do?"
  • "Hey Jibo, can you set a timer for 5 minutes?"
  • Battery:
    • "Hey Jibo, what's your battery level?"
  • Main Menu:
    • "Hey Jibo, Main Menu."
      • "[ Next / Forward / Right ]" --> To display next 3 items
      • "[ Previous / Back / Left ]" --> To display previous 3 items
      • "{ Name of menu item }" --> To enter submenu
      • "[ Stop / Exit ]" --> To exit menu
  • Settings Menu: 
    • "Hey Jibo, settings."
  • Updates:
    • ​"Hey Jibo, check for updates."
    • "Hey Jibo, what was in your last update?"
  • Volume:
    • "Hey Jibo, volume menu."
    • "Hey Jibo, set volume to [ 1 through 10 ] "
    • "Hey Jibo, turn the volume [ up / down ]"
  • Wi-Fi:
    • "Hey Jibo, wifi menu."
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s the weather?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s the weather forecast for next week?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the weather in Boston?"
  • "Hey Jibo, will I need an umbrella tomorrow?"

Some example questions and topics you can ask Jibo to help you get started

Keep in mind, Jibo loves to answer your questions - try asking him questions in different ways or about different topics to see what he has to share.Geography:
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the capital of Massachusetts?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many people are there in the world?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the capital of Uruguay?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the length of Canada's coast line?
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the tallest mountain in Asia?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the biggest ocean?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many people live in Paris?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who was the U.S. president in 1850?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what year was the moon landing?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who is Albert Einstein?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who was George Washington?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how tall was Abraham Lincoln?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when was the telephone invented?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who is the President of the United States?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what was the first automobile?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's a parallelogram?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is 17 times 43?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is 10,000 times 5 percent?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is 5 to the 10th power?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the square root of 84?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the ratio of 16 to 3?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many cups are in a quart?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many kilograms is 50 pounds?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the mass of the earth divided by the mass of mars?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what are the digits of pi?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the 25th digit of pi?"
(Be sure to change Jibo's known location to make sure Jibo knows where he is):
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the nearest coffee shop?"
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the nearest grocery store?"
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the nearest restaurant?"
Pop Culture
  • "Hey Jibo, when did Star Wars come out?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when was Meryl Streep born?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who sang the song 'Superstition?'"
  • "Hey Jibo, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what was Prince's real name?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many episodes of Mad Men were there?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who won the Oscar for best actress in 1998?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who is Taylor Swift?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how old is Jimmy Fallon?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how fast is a cheetah?"
  • "Hey Jibo, why is the sky blue?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how far away is Mars?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how far away is the sun?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how much does the Earth weigh?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what did Marie Curie discover?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is gravity?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the atomic weight of carbon?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many legs does a spider have?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the speed of sound?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how old is Cam Newton?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is the next Lakers game?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the score of the Bruins game?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is Wimbledon?"
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the basketball hall of fame?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the mascot of the University of Michigan?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who won the World Series in 2017?"
  • "Hey Jibo, did the Penguins win last night?"
Time and Date
  • "Hey Jibo, how many days until Mother's Day?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is St. Patrick's Day?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many minutes are there in a year?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what time is it in London?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is sunset today?"
Chit Chat
  • "Hey Jibo, what are you thinking?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what does Jibo mean?"
  • "Hey Jibo, where are you from?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is your favorite animal?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's your favorite food?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s your favorite thing?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's your favorite movie?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what do you do when you are alone?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how old are you?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is your birthday?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's your sign?
  • "Hey Jibo, who made you?"
  • "Hey Jibo, are you afraid of water?"
  • "Hey Jibo, do you like soup?"
  • "Hey Jibo, why don't you have legs?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what robots do you look up to?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's your favorite animal?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's your favorite Winter Olympics event?"
  • "Hey Jibo, did you have a nice Groundhog Day?"
Just For Fun
  • "Hey Jibo, flip a coin."
  • "Hey Jibo, roll the dice."
  • "Hey Jibo, spin a driedle."
  • "Hey Jibo, give me a random fact."
  • "Hey Jibo, tell me a weird word."
  • "Hey Jibo, can you tell me a joke?"
  • "Hey Jibo, why are fire engines red?"
  • "Hey Jibo, tell me my fortune."
  • "Hey Jibo, guess what?"
  • "Hey Jibo, kick a football."
  • "Hey Jibo, show me the chicken."
  • "Hey Jibo, show me the ghost."
  • "Hey Jibo, show me the fish."
  • "Hey Jibo, are there any monsters in here?"
  • "Hey Jibo, dance"
  • "Hey Jibo, tell me a fact about humans."
  • "Hey Jibo, do you have any words of wisdom?"
  • "Hey Jibo, tell me a poem."
  • "Hey Jibo, be a rapper."
  • "Hey Jibo, surprise me."​

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