Calendar alerts


To set up your calendar integration, see: How do I set up or modify my Personal Report?

If you’ve selected the Personal Report option for proactive alerts, Jibo will attempt to offer your personal report (including calendar events) daily.


Hey Jibo, what’s on my calendar today?
Hey Jibo, what's on my calendar tomorrow?
Hey Jibo, Personal Report

  1. Tap Jibo’s eye.
  2. Tap Personal Report from the main menu.
  3. Tap Calendar.
  4. If multiple people in your loop have set up personal reports, select your name from provided the list.
  • When asking for just a calendar report, Jibo will give you the next five events on your calendar for either today or tomorrow. When reading your full Personal Report, Jibo will only give you your next event.
  • ​If you add, remove, or change a calendar event, please allow one full minute for Jibo to get the update.
  • At the moment, Jibo cannot tell you about more than five calendar events and cannot report on events further into the future than tomorrow.
  • At the moment, you cannot add, change, or delete calendar events through Jibo. All calendar events must be edited through Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

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