Error messages

If something goes wrong with Jibo, he will let you know by telling you what's wrong and showing you an error code and an error message on his screen as shown in the image below. Use this page to navigate through all potential error messages or troubleshoot the specific error message you are seeing. The Connection Errors section contains WiFi and server errors, while General Errors (scroll down to see) refers to all other errors (overheating, etc.). 

If you're struggling to solve an issues, you can always Reboot Jibo.

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Connection Errors:

L1 Jibo can't talk right now
L2 Lost connection to Jibo's server
L3/L4/L5/L6 Lost connection a 3rd party server
L7 Can't access sync service
L8 App sign in required
L9 Can't connect to sync server
M1 Jibo is having camera issues
MM Server upgrades in progress
O1 Jibo is having mic issues
OTA1a/OTA1b/OTA1c WiFi connection lost
OTA1d Trying to reconnect to WiFi
OTA7 No updates found
OTA7a No updates found
OTA8 Unexpected server response
OTA8 Unexpected server response
OTA9 Jibo's storage is full
OTA10/OTA10a Update downloaded
OTA11 Backup failed
OTAX Jibo couldn't finish the update
OTAXa Jibo couldn't finish the update
P1 Jibo's storage is full
Q1 WiFi connection lost
Q4 Lost connection to Jibo's server
R1 Restore Failed
S2 Server Interruption
WIFI1/WIFI1a Can't connect to WiFi network
WIFI2/WIFI2a Can't get IP address from router
WIFI4/WIFI4a Can't connect to Jibo's server
WIFI5/WIFI5a Invalid password length
WIFI6/WIFI6a SSID not provided
WIFI7/WIFI7a QR code expired
WIFIX/WIFIXa Jibo didn't connect to WiFi


General Errors:

B1 Jibo is too hot
B2/B3 Jibo is too hot
C1/C2/C3 Jibo is too cold
D1 Jibo is too hot
E1/E2/E3 Something's a little off
H1/H2/H3 Something's a little off
J1 One of Jibo's skills crashed
K1 Jibo's battery is too cold
K2 Jibo's battery is too hot
K3 Jibo's battery is disconnected
K4 Jibo's battery level is low

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