I didn't get my email change confirmation message

  1. When you update your email using your Jibo Customer Account you should receive two emails, both from no-reply@jibo.com. If you did not receive either email you should do the following:
  2. Make sure you are checking the correct email.  One of the emails is sent to your old email address and the other is sent to your new email address.
  3. Check your email client’s spam filter and make sure that the email did not end up there.
  4. Add no-reply@jibo.com as a contact to your email client’s address book.  Sometimes mail systems (especially with business addresses) will filter and not deliver to an untrusted address even to your spam folder. 
  5. After adding no-reply@jibo.com to your client’s address book please try to reset your email again.
  6. If you still have not received your reset email after trying the previous steps please Contact Jibo Customer Care.

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