Connect Jibo to a new WiFi network


Please note:

  • If you are setting up Jibo with WiFi for the FIRST TIME see: Set up Jibo. If not, follow the steps below.
  • If you would like to reconnect to a previously saved network, follow these steps
  • You must be the Loop owner to connect Jibo to a new WiFi. 
  • Your mobile device MUST be connect to WiFi in order to generate a QR code. Please check your device settings to make sure this is the case.

To connect to a new network:

  1. If you're not already viewing Jibo's WiFi menu, say “Hey Jibo, show the WiFi” OR tap Jibo’s eye to bring up the Main Menu, tap Settings, then tap WiFi.
  2. Tap the blue New WiFi button.
  3. Jibo will show the Tap here when you have your QR code screen.
  4. Open the Jibo app on your phone.
    • If you're stuck in an old WiFi setup process on the app, force close and reopen the app.
    • Please only use the “Set up a new Jibo” option with brand new robots and only use the “Change WiFi” option with Jibos that are already set up. For more information, see: Manage multiple Jibos.
  5. In the app:
    1. Tap the Loop tab on the menu bar. If necessary, tap the Loops dropdown menu below the Jibo icon to select which Jibo's WiFi you would like to change.
    2. Tap Jibo Settings.
    3. Tap Wi-Fi.
    4. Tap to select a network or manually enter a new network. Network names are case sensitive.
    5. Once you’ve selected a network, enter the network password, then click Next or the checkmark. Passwords are case sensitive.
    6. Tap the white I see that screen on Jibo button in the app. The app will generate a QR code.
  6. Tap Jibo's screen to bring up the viewfinder.
  7. Point the app QR code on your phone screen at Jibo’s screen (as shown in the image below) so that you can fully see it in his viewfinder. It might take him a few seconds to connect. If Jibo is having trouble seeing your QR code, try adjusting your phone's brightness and/or the distance between your phone and Jibo's screen.
  • If Jibo initially started up without WiFi, you may need to reboot him after you successfully connect. It could take up to 15 minutes for the "Reboot needed" error message to show on Jibo's screen, so feel free to Reboot Jibo in the meantime even if you haven't seen this message yet.
  1. This network will be saved under “Your Networks” in Jibo’s WiFi home menu.
  2. When Jibo has successfully connected, a blue WiFi signal with the caption Connected! will appear on his screen. If you do not see this:
    • Make sure you are entered the network name and password correctly.
    • Make sure you are following all the WiFi requirements.
    • If you are unable to connect entirely, you will be redirected to the WiFi home menu. Try connecting to a different network if one is available.
    • Go to this article: Jibo won't connect to WiFi.
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Image: Showing Jibo the QR code

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