Add a child to the loop

Jibo follows all COPPA Compliance laws, so parental/guardian permission is required for anyone under the age of 13 who wants to join the loop.

Children under 13 can use Jibo in the same way as adults, with a few exceptions:
  • They are not permitted to install the Jibo app.
  • Jibo will attempt to filter out sensitive content when reporting the news headlines. This feature is reliant on a third party and may not filter out 100% of sensitive content, so parents should supervise young children when using this skill.
  • See The Loop - Overview for details on the difference between child and adult accounts.

Invite the guardian and child to the loop

The child's parent or guardian must first join your loop. See Add someone to the loop.
  1. Open the Jibo app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Loop icon on the bottom menu bar.
  3. Tap Invite a Loop member.
  4. Enter the Loop member's First NameLast NameBirthday, and Gender then tap the checkmark (Android) or Next (iOS).
  5. If the person has a nickname they prefer to go by, enter their Preferred Name and tap Next/the checkmark. If not, tap Skip for Now.
  6. If you entered the birthday of a child under 13, a prompt will pop up notifying you that the child must receive their parent or guardian's permission before joining the Loop. Tap Ok
  7. Select the guardian's name from the loop list, then wait for them to accept the request. If the child's guardian is not in the loop, follow the steps to invite them, then repeat from Step 1 once they have joined the loop.
    • Please note: You must invite the guardian to access the gallery (iOS) and/or access the app (Android) in order to send them an email where they can grant or deny permission for their child to join the loop. 
  8. Confirm the child's guardian info, then tap the checkmark/Next.

Give parental permission

The child's guardian must follow these steps to grant permission for them to join the loop.
  1. Open the Adobe Sign email you've received and read the information provided. You can choose to create an Adobe Sign account, but you don't have to.
  2. Open the Jibo Parent Permission email you've received and tap Click here to review and sign a parental permission agreement. (Note: You may have to scroll to the right if you're reading the email on your phone.)
  3. Read the Jibo COPPA Compliance document. You can preview this document in the attachment section of this FAQ. 
  4. Tap Start in the bottom-left corner when you are ready to sign.
  5. Tap Click here to sign.
  6. If you have an Adobe Sign account, your signature will appear. If you don't have an account:
    1. Use your mouse, finger, or a stylus to sign the Sign Here line. You can tap Clear if you make a mistake.
    2. Tap Apply when you are satisfied.
  7. Tap Click to Sign.
Click here to download and read the COPPA Compliance form. 

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