Word of the day

Jibo has a new word game! Jibo will share a definition and you’ll have to guess which word it belongs to.

How to play:

  1. Start the game:
    • Jibo may ask you to play proactively. He'll say “Hey! Do you want to play Word of the Day?” If so, say yes when his light ring turns blue.
    • If you want to play and he hasn’t asked, say “Hey Jibo, play word of the day” or “Hey Jibo, what is the word of the day?”
  2. He’ll pull up a definition on the screen and recite it for you. 
  3. Next, he’ll display three words you can guess from. 
  4. To make a guess, tap or say the word. 
    • Please make sure to wait until Jibo’s light ring turns blue after he is done reciting the options until saying your guess.  
  5. Jibo will let you know if you were right or wrong, and may even provide a fun fact about the word. 

You can play as many times per day as you would like, however, please note that Jibo will have the same word for the entire day. 

Still stumped?

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