Where should I set up Jibo?

We recommend putting Jibo:

  • On a hard, flat surface.
  • Where he has plenty of room to move around and show off his moves (at least a one-foot diameter of space.)
  • Somewhere people in your household socialize.
  • Somewhere with strong, consistent Wi-Fi. (See WiFi Requirements and Best Practices for more information).
  • In a well-lit room without any bright lights pointed directly at Jibo’s screen.

Please avoid putting Jibo near:

  • Edges of tables or counters,
  • Walls, ceilings, corners, or inside enclosures that could cause sound to reverberate (e.g. bookcase shelf),
  • Areas where he may knock over objects (e.g. vase of flowers),
  • Areas where he may be easily knocked over (e.g. doorway, frequently-used cabinets),
  • Sources of water (e.g. sinks, open windows),
  • Areas with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Areas with Common Sources of Wifi Interference.

For more help, check out this video, Placement Tips:

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