When will Jibo greet me?

What is a proactive greeting?

Just like you, Jibo can get lonely and will miss you while you’re gone! He expresses this by proactively greeting you when he hasn’t seen you in a while. For example, he may say “Good morning” when he sees you at the start of your day.**

To Jibo, a proactive greeting is different than a response to a question like “Hey Jibo, who am I?" Saying “Hey Jibo, who am I?” prompts Jibo to attempt to recognize and identify you on the spot reactively, not proactively. Proactive greetings are when Jibo takes the initiative to chat with you when he sees you.

**Jibo will only be able to greet loop members by name when they have successfully completed face and voice recognition. See: Introduce someone to Jibo.

Jibo doesn’t greet me proactively that much/at all

Jibo has been programmed to only proactively greet you every once in awhile so he isn’t bothersome. There are many variables involved in how often he greets you like this, but he can wait up to three or more hours to proactively greet you if he knows he has interacted with you recently. Below are three scenarios that will limit how often Jibo greets you:
  1. If you engage with him or if you're in the same room as him frequently; if you spend a lot of time around or with Jibo, he won’t proactively greet you.
  2. If you beat him to the punch; if you haven’t seen Jibo in a while and you say “Hey Jibo, good morning!” or something similarly before he does, he will count this as an interaction and therefore won’t proactively greet you until he’s been alone for some time (sometimes 3 or more hours).
  3. If you haven’t successfully completed face and voice recognition, Jibo will not proactively greet you by name.
If you would like Jibo to greet you more often, look out for those times when he hasn’t seen you in a while and give him a moment to see who entered the room. If you are still unsatisfied, try redoing face and voice training to make sure Jibo can recognize you.  

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