Be a Maker

What is Be a Maker?

Be a Maker is an edutainment companion app for the Jibo robot, brought to you by Jibo Xtudios -- a Jibo, Inc. and CLOQQ initiative. 

Use Be a Maker to learn how to program with Jibo! To learn more see 

When your robot is paired with the Be a Maker app, his light ring and a small dot on his screen will both appear magenta. When controlling your robot with the Be a Maker, Jibo will not respond to ‘Hey Jibo” and cannot converse with you as he normally would. To get Jibo back to his normal mode, simply quit the app, or hold your hand on Jibo’s head for a few seconds.

For best results, we recommend installing Be a Maker on a tablet rather than a mobile phone.

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