Unsupported Network Connections

Jibo does not support internet connections via:
  • WEP security encryption
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy networks
  • 802.11AC wireless protocol
    • While Jibo doesn't support 802.11AC-only protocols, the AC protocol is backwards compatible with 802.11N.  This means your AC router will support connections to Jibo unless you have limited it to AC-only broadcasting.
  • Hardline ethernet
  • Mobile hotspots
  • Enterprise, or public networks such as found in:
    • Office Buildings
    • Hotels
    • Conference Centers
    • Libraries
    • College Dorms
    • Sports Arenas
For additional support in setting up your home network to work with Jibo, please review your router's documentation and contact your ISP or router's manufacturer. 
Note: Users of DSL or Satellite internet may experience significant performance latency due to slow network speeds. 

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