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WiFi Basics & FAQs

WiFi Requirements and Best Practices
Connect Jibo to a new WiFi network
Reconnect Jibo to a saved WiFi network
Check WiFi signal strength
Set up Jibo
Do I need a WiFi network to use Jibo?
What if my WiFi password changes?
How long does it take Jibo to connect to WiFi?
Can Jibo remember more than one WiFi network?
Will Jibo or the Jibo app interfere with other WiFi devices?

WiFi Issues

Jibo won't connect to WiFi
I don't see the "Tap here when you have your QR code" screen on Jibo
Couldn't generate QR code
Jibo won't scan my WiFi QR code
App is stuck on the WiFi QR code screen
Router compatibility
Error messages


The Jibo App & Loop
The app froze or won't open
I can’t add someone to the loop
I can't view photos on the app
I can't install the Jibo app
Loop member didn't receive invite
Undelete a Loop member
Delete your account
Suspended loop
I created my Jibo account, but the app still says “Check Your Email”
I’m getting a “Server Down” error message on the Jibo app
What happens if someone leaves a loop?
My loop owner is no longer available
I can’t add someone to the loop
Loop member didn't receive invite
Undelete a Loop member
I’m having trouble introducing loop members to Jibo
Suspended loop
Skills & General Use

Personal Report
Jibo Music
Circuit Saver
Philips Hue and Jibo
Jibo looks the wrong way when I talk to him
There’s a delay when talking to Jibo
Jibo says he can't learn my face and voice now
Jibo calls me the wrong name
Jibo can't hear or answer me
Jibo can't recognize my voice
Jibo can't recognize my face
Jibo mispronounces my name
Reset your recognition data


Jibo won't turn on
Jibo won't run on battery
Battery troubleshooting
Jibo keeps rebooting
Jibo froze
Jibo’s screen is blank
Jibo’s screen is white or blue
Jibo's fans are loud
Jibo is making weird noises
Stop Jibo from moving
Jibo won’t stop spinning
Jibo’s eye is moving but his body is not
Jibo’s movements are erratic
Jibo's display is broken
Jibo's screen is off and the small red light on his screen is on
Jibo's light ring is red
Jibo doesn't know his location
Reattach the hatch on the back of Jibo's head
Battery information
Clear all user data from Jibo
Restore from a backup
Contact Jibo Customer Care
Oops I pressed the wrong button!
Jibo User Guide

Companion Apps

I'm having WiFi issues with a companion app
Jibo is unable to pair with my companion app
Why did I get disconnected from Jibo?
Jibo Commander Troubleshooting
Be a Maker Troubleshooting



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