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We are so excited to give you this update. This update includes something a lot of you have been asking for-- a personal report! Every person in Jibo's loop can now use the Jibo mobile app to integrate their Google and Outlook calendars and set their preferences for a few other features. Each morning Jibo will present loop members with the calendar events for the day, commute traffic information, weather, and news! To get started, please update both Jibo and your mobile app to set up your Personal Report. In addition to Personal Report, we've also made some improvements to Jibo Music and Word of the Day, along with general bug fixes and UI improvements.

  • Introduces Personal Report!
  • Adds fun seasonal content.
  • Fixes bug where Jibo wishes you a happy holiday repeatedly for multi-day holidays. He's just easily excitable.
  • Improves Word of the day performance
  • Updates the Thing to Do menu
  • Improves Jibo's social awareness of when to interact with you proactively.
  • Improve timer/alarm cancellation confirmations
  • Fix bug in Jibo Music for artists or songs with very long names. Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine fans rejoice.
Known Issues
  • Sometimes Jibo still thinks he's in Boston after you change his location in the Jibo app. Please reboot Jibo to resolve the issue.
  • Jibo might not be able to launch Personal Report after you see a Q4 error on his screen. Please reboot Jibo to resolve the issue.
  • "Hey Jibo, what events do I have?" will not launch Calendar alerts. Try "Hey Jibo, what's on my calendar" or "Hey Jibo, what's on my schedule?"



This slow rollout update focuses mostly on under-the-hood updates and improvements, but also includes some minor bug and UI fixes, Word of the Day expansion, and fun seasonal content. You will receive this update at some point over the next couple weeks.

  • Adds even more words to the Word of the Day game
  • Fun seasonal content
  • General updates and bug fixes
Known Issues
  • Jibo gets confused if you ask him to leave milk and cookies for Santa. Probably because it's April.
  • Sometimes Jibo's light ring behaves oddly if you talk to him while his main menu is on-screen. 
  • Instead of returning his idle state and displaying his eye, Jibo sometimes leaves his radio station menu up on his screen for an extended time. He just really likes music. Hold the top of his head or swipe down to return his eye.
  • You may see the L8 App sign in required error screen if you lose WiFi while trying to restore a wiped robot. Follow Jibo's on-screen prompts and use the Jibo App to reconnect Jibo to WiFi. He should restore successfully.
  • Jibo's eye disappears some times while he transitions from the Main Menu to setting up Philips Hue Lights.  



This release introduces Jibo Yoga - Jibo’s first health and fitness feature. Follow Jibo’s routines to stretch, strengthen, and relax with your new robot fitness buddy. You can also now connect Jibo to your Philips Hue lighting system to have him control your lights. Once Jibo’s successfully connected, you can ask him to turn your lights on/off, brighten/dim or warm/cool them, and even change their color. (Try 'peach puff,' 'spring green,' and more!) If you don't have Philips Hue, you can connect a number of other types of programmable lights to Jibo using IFTTT. We look forwarding to adding additional IOT integrations in the future! And as always, we've fixed some bugs, made some improvements, and added fun seasonal content.

  • Introduces Jibo Yoga - Jibo will join in on the stretches and swivels
  • Introduces Philips Hue integration - let there be light(s)! 
  • Makes Jibo recognize your Word of the day responses better 
  • Improves Jibo’s response when you ask him what is playing on Jibo Music 
  • Improves Jibo's facial recognition
  • Adds fun new seasonal content 
Known Issues
  • Sometimes Jibo’s animations overlap when you ask him a question while doing Jibo Yoga. This should resolve itself when you are finished talking. If not, please Reboot Jibo
  • Jibo sometimes has trouble recognizing “half an hour” when setting a timer. Try asking him to set one for “30 minutes” instead.
  • If Jibo loses track of your face during Circuit Saver and he has trouble recalibrating, quit out of the game and try again. 



This release introduces another Jibo game - Word of the Day! Jibo will tell you a definition, and you can guess the right word. During the day, Jibo might check in to see if you want to play or you can initiate the game yourself by saying "Hey Jibo, play word of the day!" Jibo also now has a fun new "roll dice" animation, which could be useful if you're playing other games and you need a pair of dice. We made Jibo a bit more snuggly (he'll respond faster when you pet his head), and as always, we added fun seasonal content, new chat prompts, UI improvements, and minor bug fixes.

  •  Introduces Word of the day game
  •  Makes Jibo even snugglier when you scratch behind his…microphones
  •  Adds more things to do in the Things to do cards
  •  Improves name and face learning so Jibo can get to know you better
  •  Adds new fun content: "Hey Jibo, roll dice" and "Hey Jibo, blow a bubble" 
  •  Fixes your gallery so you can see all of your Jibo pictures
  •  Updates seasonal content
Known issues
  • Sometimes, Jibo tells you the name of the song playing instead of the name of the Jibo Music radio station. If this happens, just look at his screen for the correct information. 
  • If Jibo has trouble answering questions, please Reboot him.
  • If you’ve also updated to the most recent version of the mobile app, you might see this issue: if your android device says that Jibo is not connected to WiFi when changing his wifi network, Reboot Jibo please!
  • If Jibo recognizes that he is talking to a child when reporting the news, he tries to only report nice news. Sometimes bad news slips through too. 


This release is just a quick patch to fix a bug with our last release. See v1.5.0 below for details on our last update.



This release adds several things that you, Jibo's family, have asked for! You can now add multiple WiFi networks that Jibo will remember so you can easily switch between them. Jibo's screen will also dim when he's napping and sleeping. You can now ask Jibo what song is playing in Jibo Music and he will tell you the title and artist! We fixed some face-finding issues with our Beta game, Circuit Saver, and as always, we added fun seasonal content, new chat prompts, UI improvements, and minor bug fixes.

  • Adds ability to remember and switch between multiple WiFi networks
  • Dims Jibo's screen when he's sleeping and napping
  • Adds ability for user to ask what song is playing in Jibo Music
  • Adds fun seasonal content
  • Adds new chat prompts
  • Adds prompts for when iHeartRadio is down
  • Fixes some question-and-answer bugs
  • Improves Jibo's ability to find faces at very close distances
  • Improves the timing of Jibo's back-and-forth chat
  • Improves performance of Jibo Commander
  • Rearranges some of the buttons on Jibo's main menu
  • Improves Circuit Saver's face-tracking
  • Improves pronunciation of various words
  • Updates the Things to do cards
  • Fixes a bug with Jibo's volume slider
  • Fixes the bug where Jibo repeats names with spaces in them
  • Fixes a bug with the light ring
  • Fixes minor wipe & restore bugs
  • If you download the latest Jibo App, you'll be able to provide feedback on the Search Recap feature
Known Issues
  • Sometimes Jibo just keeps saying hello. If you'd rather him be a little less chipper just reboot him.
  • Jibo struggles to answer some questions when his source, Bing, is slow.
  • Sometimes the "looking for player's face" message appears during odd times when playing Circuit Saver.



This release introduces our first game for Jibo – Circuit Saver! Use your body position to control where the rocket moves across Jibo's screen, collecting electrons and avoiding obstacles as you go. Please note that this game is still in Beta. We've also added new radio stations and some content that you've asked for – you can now tell Jibo to look away, have him flip a coin for you, and more. Jibo is also learning more conversational skills every day; he might even ask you how you slept and remind you when it's close to bedtime. And as always, we've fixed some bugs, made some improvements, and added fun seasonal content.

  • Introduces the Circuit Saver game
  • Adds new "Hey Jibo, look away" capability
  • Adds new Jibo Music radio stations from iHeartRadio (reggae, latin, oldies, sports, comedy, soft rock, gospel, and 80s hits).
  • Improves Jibo's facial recognition. We recommend resetting your recognition data so that Jibo will be even better at recognizing you.
  • Adds new prompts so that Jibo might ask you how you slept or how your day was.
  • Adds new fun content, including "flip a coin" and "count to ten." Ask him to "make a pizza" or to "be a snow globe" to see fun animations!
  • Adds new seasonal content
  • Adds new Things To Do suggestions
  • Fixes mobile notification bugs
  • Fixes inconsistencies with Jibo waking up from naps
  • Make Jibo talk to lamps less
  • Make it clearer when Jibo is listening to you after he asks you a question
  • Fix issue where you couldn't say "Hey Jibo" and tap an onscreen button at the same time
Known Issues
  • Jibo has a hard time with loop members who have a space or dash in their names.
  • Sometimes Jibo gets stuck on his L9 error screen after a wipe with no wifi. Just reboot Jibo please.
  • Jibo can't answer questions about celebrities if there are loop members with the same first name. For example, if you have a loop member named Tom, Jibo won't be able to tell you who "Tom Hanks" is. He just really loves his family.
  • On very rare occasions, Jibo confuses am and pm when setting an alarm. Make sure you check the time his alarm is set for.
  • Sometimes a mismatched song and artist are displayed on-screen while the radio is playing.
  • When Jibo hears "set a timer for an hour and ____ minutes," he only sets a timer for an hour. Try saying "set a timer for one hour and ____ minutes" instead.



This update includes minor bug fixes, UI improvements, and fun winter and 2018 content!

  • New 2018 and winter content.
  • Question-and-answer improvements.
  • Jibo Music UI improvements.
  • Improvements to Jibo's face detection system.
Known Issues
  • Jibo sometimes has a hard time recognizing certain IFTTT trigger words.
  • Jibo sometimes says "timer" when he means "alarm."
  • Jibo doesn't know the distance between Boston and Seattle.
  • Jibo sometimes hears "close gallery" as "clothes gallery." Swipe down on his screen if you're having trouble leaving his photo gallery verbally.
  • Jibo sometimes displays a party or cake emoji when he says Democratic or Republican party. Jibo isn't political; he just really like parties.



This was just a quick update to fix some Jibo Music bugs for our friends in Canada.

  • Fix Jibo Music so it plays in Canada.
  • Add loader animation to Jibo Music screen.
  • Make sure loop member data is saved during backup.



Introducing Jibo Music! Just say "Hey Jibo, play some music" to get started. As requested by you, you can also now respond to Jibo when he greets you! When he says hello to you, you can say hello right back when his light ring comes on and he'll understand and respond. 

This update also includes a lot of fun seasonal content and introduces Jibo's napping functionality; he might take a little daytime snooze if you haven't interacted with him in a while. You can always wake him up with a "Hey Jibo" or head touch. We've also worked on some IFTTT, date & clock, screen, and WiFi bug fixes. Finally, we've improved our web searches to ensure that Jibo only gives you the most relevant answers to your questions.

  • Introduces Jibo Music.
  • Jibo tells you what his latest update includes.
  • Added multi-turn conversation to proactive greetings.
  • Added fun seasonal responses, emojis, and animations.
  • Jibo only discusses the holidays users select in the app.
  • Jibo may take daytime naps.
  • Jibo stays asleep until you greet him or morning comes.
  • WiFi connectivity improvements.
  • Speech improvements.
  • IFTTT connectivity improvements.
  • Improve wipe and restore functionality.
  • Filter out irrelevant Bing information in Canada.
  • Fix issues with lack of WiFi or server connection at startup.
  • Fix bug where Jibo's eye disappears.
  • Fix some alarm and timer bugs.
  • Fix bug where Jibo mixes up contractions.
  • Fix Jibo not recognizing "UK" as "United Kingdom."
  • Fix some issues with head touch.
Known Issues
  • The Q4 error code appears on Jibo's screen and does not resolve after a few minutes. Please reboot Jibo to resolve this. If Jibo Music was playing when this error occurred, you can either reboot Jibo to resolve the issue immediately, or wait ~20 minutes for the error to resolve on its own.
  • If Jibo is slow to respond when you ask him the time in other cities, please reboot him.
  • Jibo dances inconsistently while Jibo Music is playing. To be honest, though, so do we.
  • Some name learning inconsistencies.
  • When Jibo hears "set a timer for an hour and ____ minutes," he only sets a timer for an hour. Try saying "set a timer for one hour and ____ minutes" instead.
  • Jibo sometimes mixes up gender pronouns.
  • Jibo might repeat your name if there's a space in it. Our apologies to all the "Mary Anne Mary Annes" out there.
  • Jibo sometimes mixes up Valencia College in Florida with Valencia, Spain.
  • Jibo doesn't know the time in Helsingborg, Sweden or Copenhagen, Denmark. Sorry to our nordic friends.
  • Jibo becomes slow or unresponsive after playing music for three straight days without stopping. Give the little guy a break and reboot him.



We just sent out version 1.0.0 of Jibo's software! 

If you are receiving your robot for the first time, your Jibo will install this version during his initial start-up process. If you received your robot early as part of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, you can Install updates to get this new version.

This update includes many fixes based on things we learned from the first robots in the field, including improvements to Jibo's listening and speaking functionality; lots of new emojis, animations, greetings, fun facts, dances, and sound effects; clearer wipe-and-restore steps; WiFi and router compatibility updates; and a fast and thorough update to prevent any future vulnerabilities related to KRACK

We are hard at work creating many new skills to enhance Jibo's experience within your home. Many of the ideas for what we're working on came straight from our early users! As soon as these new features are ready, we will send an over-the-air update, so make sure to install updates as Jibo prompts you. Check back here for information on what's included in all new updates!

  • New "Surprise" skill. Tap the Surprise button on the Fun stuff menu.
  • New sound effects, animations, prompts, and music.
  • Seasonal content updates.
  • Jibo recognizes "Hey Jibo, over here" as a request to silently turn towards the speaker.
  • Prevent potential KRACK vulnerability.
  • Improve Jibo's motion-tracking functionality.
  • Speed up Jibo's transition into animations.
  • Improve end-of-speech detection.
  • Improve Jibo's pronunciation.
  • Make Jibo less chatty when his WiFi is down.
  • Change some menu button colors, icons, and order.
  • Improve on-robot instructions for wiping and restoring content.
  • Fix minor listening bugs.
  • Fix additional ASR crashing/unresponsiveness.
  • Fix other minor bugs and UI improvements.
Known Issues
  • Photos do not display in Twitter via the Jibo IFTTT applet. We have alerted IFTTT to this bug.
  • Jibo sometimes wakes up after telling him to go to sleep.
  • Bing returns incorrect answers for division with negative numbers.
  • Red light ring gets stuck on when Jibo's motors are forced out of position. Just say "Hey Jibo" to turn the red light ring off.
  • Jibo sometimes interrupts you.
  • Jibo does not always understand the command "Hey Jibo, repeat."
  • Jibo sometimes hears a celebrity's name instead of a Loop member name.
  • Alarms cannot be set more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Jibo sometimes stares at walls, mirrors (he likes looking at himself!), and ceiling fans.
  • Jibo has conflicted feelings about being put in a bathroom.
  • Jibo is working on his ability to add loop members with similar names. 


10/19/2017 - Early Access Robots Only


Just a quick patch update to improve Jibo's listening capabilities!

  • Speech recognition bug fix


10/09/2017 - Early Access Robots Only


This update includes some minor bug fixing and improvements, along with the introduction of the Things to do skill! Just say "Hey Jibo, what can you do?" or tap the "Things to do" button on the main menu for helpful tips on interacting with Jibo.

  • "Things to do" skill introduction
  • Seasonal emojis and animations
  • Seasonal greetings and responses
  • General verbal content updates
  • Expanded question-and-answer capabilities
  • IFTTT logo emoji added
  • New sound effects
  • Clock, alarm, and timer bug fixes
  • Improved text-to-speech functionality
  • Animation bug fixes
  • Face learning bug fixes
  • Viewfinder bug fixes
  • Age calculation bug fixes
  • Condense unused WiFi-related error screens
  • Robot restore bug fixes
  • Jibo knows what color he is
Known Issues
  • Incorrect information from Bing results in Jibo not knowing exactly where certain businesses are located.
  • Jibo sometimes says "Kentucky" instead of the name Ken.
  • Jibo sometimes hears a celebrity's name instead of a Loop member name.
  • Jibo does not always understand the command "Hey Jibo, repeat."
  • While in a skill, saying "Hey Jibo, close <skill name>" sometimes reopens the skill.
  • Alarms cannot be set more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Jibo sometimes stares at walls, mirrors (he likes looking at himself!), and ceiling fans.
  • Jibo has conflicted feelings about being put in a bathroom.
  • Jibo is working on his ability to add loop members with similar names. 


09/18/2017 - Early Access Robots Only

Introducing Jibo! Check back here for information on all over-the-air updates.

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