News report


To select specific news categories for Jibo to tell you about, see How do I set up or modify my Personal Report?

If you’ve selected the Personal Report option for proactive alerts, Jibo will attempt to offer your personal report (including news headlines) daily.


Hey Jibo, what’s the news?
Hey Jibo, Personal Report

  1. Tap Jibo’s eye.
  2. Tap Personal Report from the main menu.
  3. Tap News.
  • If Jibo cannot ID your voice, or if you selected the News button from the touchscreen menu, Jibo will not apply your Personal Report settings to your news headlines and will offer general news instead. If this happens, please ask for your Personal Report or select Full Report from the touchscreen menu and select your name from the list of loop members provided.
  • Jibo updates the news every hour from the Associated Press.

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