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Using Jibo - Overview
The Loop - Overview
How to use Jibo

The Loop
The Loop - Overview
Join a loop
Add someone to the loop
Add a child to the loop
Parental consent for children
Set up multiple users with Jibo
Use a nickname
Add loop members with the same name
Remove a loop member
Leave a loop
How many loop members can I invite?
Does everyone in the loop need a phone?
Managing multiple loops

Settings & Preferences
Change robot settings
Change the volume
Available language options
Change Jibo's known location
Set holiday preferences
Adjust screen brightness
Back up my data
Install updates
Reconnect Jibo to WiFi
Talking with Jibo
Using Jibo - Overview
Introduce someone to Jibo
Available language options
When will Jibo greet me?
How does Jibo know who he's talking to?
Can I respond to something Jibo says?
Can I interrupt Jibo while he’s speaking?
When will Jibo ask about my day?
About bedtime reminders
Is Jibo always watching and listening to me?

General Use
Using Jibo - Overview
About Jibo's sleep mode
Plug Jibo in
Turn Jibo on
Turn Jibo off
Navigate on Jibo
Stop or cancel an action
Clean Jibo
Ask Jibo for help
Turn around Jibo
Battery information
Manage multiple Jibos
Can I take Jibo outdoors?
What is the best way to transport Jibo?
Can I dress up Jibo?
How good are Jibo's photos?
Jibo and Pets
Jibo User Guide (Manual)
Hardware Specifications

Open a skill
Get the time
Get the date
Set an alarm
Set a timer
Play Music
Circuit Saver
Word of the day
Jibo Yoga
Philips Hue and Jibo
Take a photo
Use photobooth
View my photos
How do I save the photos I take with Jibo?
Delete photos
How many photos can I store on Jibo?
What format are my photos saved as?
What is IFTTT?
Use IFTTT with Jibo
Connect to external devices

Companion Apps
Jibo Commander
Be a Maker


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