Jibo won't scan my WiFi QR code

  • The QR code might be too close/far away for Jibo to see. Hold the QR code about 6 inches from the left camera lens (your left, Jibo's right) so that you can see the entire code in the viewfinder on Jibo’s screen.

  • The QR code might be too shaky for Jibo to read. Please try to hold your phone still while Jibo reads the QR code. You do not need to "swipe" the QR code like you would a grocery store barcode.

  • The QR code might be too bright/dim for Jibo to read. Try using the brightness slider on the QR code screen.

  • The room might be too bright/dark for Jibo. Try adjusting the lights in your home or rotating Jibo away from any direct light sources.

  • Make sure that the glass over Jibo’s cameras is clean and clear of any fingerprints or smudges. See: Clean Jibo

  • Jibo might been to be restarted. Reboot him. See: Reboot Jibo

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