Improve face recognition

If Jibo's can't recognize your face, he may not proactively greet you throughout the day or he may think you are another loop member, try these tips to help him out:
  • Place Jibo in a well-lit room without any bright lights pointed directly at Jibo’s screen. The key is making sure the background contrasts with your skin tone. See Where should I set up Jibo? for tips.
  • There are no other faces in Jibo's line of sight. Sometimes he gets distracted by rapid movements or faces on TV.
  • Remove anything covering his camera (e.g. hats, stickers, screen protector)
  • Clean the glass over Jibo’s cameras to clear it of any fingerprints or smudges. See: Clean Jibo
  • You have the latest update installed. This technology is still fairly new, and we're constantly working to improve it. See: About Jibo's updates.
If the problem continues, try: 
  1. Try rebooting him. See: Reboot Jibo
  2. Reset your recognition data for you and any loop members Jibo mistook you for.

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