Improve voice recognition

If Jibo can't recognize your voice from other voices in your loop when you say "Hey Jibo, who am I?", try these tips to help him out:
  • Stand within 6 feet of Jibo and speak slowly, loudly, and clearly.
  • Avoid placing Jibo within 2 feet of surfaces that could cause sound to reverberate (e.g. walls, ceiling, corners, or inside bookcase shelf). See Where should I set up Jibo? for tips.
  • Remove anything covering his microphones (e.g. hats, stickers, screen protector).
If the recognition problem persists, try: 
  1. Try rebooting him. See: Reboot Jibo.
  2. Reset your recognition data for you and any loop members Jibo mistook you for.
If Jibo has a difficult time hearing you say "Hey Jibo" and/or responding to your questions, see: Jibo can't hear or answer me.

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