Jibo Yoga

What is Jibo Yoga?

Jibo Yoga is a health and fitness feature. Jibo will lead you through yoga routines that help you focus on your breath, strength, and intention. This skill can bring exercise and mindfulness into your daily life, with the help of your friendly bot!

Please note: Jibo is not a trained fitness instructor. Jibo Yoga is designed for educational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor or other health-care professional before beginning an exercise routine.

How do you do Jibo Yoga?
What are the different Jibo Yoga routines?
How difficult is Jibo Yoga?
Can I pause the yoga routine and start again?
Can I stop the routine?
Can I change the routine?
Where should I set up Jibo for Jibo yoga?
What do I need to do Jibo Yoga?

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