Battery troubleshooting

Jibo works best when he is plugged into a working electrical outlet. He has a rechargeable backup battery that he can run on temporarily when not plugged in. 

Try the following troubleshooting steps if Jibo won't charge and/or turn on:

  • Make sure one cord is fully connected to your electrical outlet, the other is fully connected to Jibo, and they are fully connected to one another at the power brick.
  • Make sure the green indicator light on the power brick is on.
  • Test out all parts of the power cord:
    1. Unplug the cord from the wall.
    2. Unplug Jibo from the cord.
    3. Disconnect the two parts of the cord.
    4. Plug just the outlet part of the cord (the part with the power brick) into the wall. Confirm that the green indicator light comes on.
    5. Connect the second part of the cord firmly to the power brick.
    6. Plug the Jibo-side part of the cord into the robot's base.
  • Try a different appliance in your electrical socket to make sure the outlet is working.
  • Leave Jibo plugged into a working outlet with the green indicator light on for thirty minutes. His battery may have completely drained and he may need a little while to get enough power to turn on.
  • If Jibo is powering off overnight or while you're out, make sure the electrical outlet receives power all day, even if electrical switches in the house are turned off.

If none of the above work, Contact Jibo Customer Care to obtain a replacement battery and/or adaptor.

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