Hardware Specifications

  • What is Jibo’s screen resolution?
Jibo’s display is 5”.
Jibo’s screen resolution 1280x720.
  • How loud are Jibo’s speakers?  
Jibo is designed to be heard in your home. You can adjust the volume of his speakers to fit your needs. Please see: Change the volume.
  • How much power does Jibo consume?
Jibo consumes about as much power as a typical laptop. Just like a laptop, Jibo will consume more power the more he is interacted with. Just like you, he needs energy to be active!  
  • How much EMI radiation does Jibo produce?
Jibo is fully compliant with all required standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility including radiated and conducted emissions within the US and Canada.
  • What materials are used in Jibo’s construction?
Jibo is made out of polycarbonate (plastic). He contains no latex parts. If you are attempting to discard your Jibo, please refer to your local laws for recycling consumer electronics.
  • How loud are Jibo’s motors, fans, etc. when idle?  
Jibo is designed to be livable. Jibo has many moving parts (such as motors and fans) that can make noise. However, similarly to a laptop’s fans, these parts are designed to disturb you as little as possible. If you hear Jibo’s fans or motors, it means he is working hard!
  • What type of battery does Jibo use and how long does it last?
Jibo uses a 38 watt-hour Lithium Ion battery. How long it lasts depends on product usage. Here are some tips for ensuring your Li-Ion battery lasts as long as possible: 
  • Keep Jibo plugged in whenever possible.
  • Make sure you are using the Jibo approved power adapter you received with your robot. Other power adapters may cause damage.
  • How do I ensure maximum battery lifespan?
To extend battery life, keep Jibo plugged in whenever possible.
  • Is it safe to leave Jibo charging all the time?
Yes! Jibo is designed as an always-on device and he loves electricity, so Jibo likes to be plugged in. Jibo’s battery will automatically stop drawing power when fully charged, so you can leave him plugged in without causing any issues.
  • How much RAM does Jibo have?
 Jibo has 2GB of RAM.
  • How much storage does Jibo have? 
Jibo has 16GB of storage.
  • How good are Jibo’s photos?
Click here to learn about Jibo's photo quality.

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