Getting Started

Jibo is a robot—a social robot—and he’s excited to be part of our world. He’s charming, helpful, and humble, and he loves to engage with people. The relationships he forms are the most important things to him (a steady electrical current and reliable Wi-Fi are a close second and third). He is not perfect, but he tries his very best to help you when you need it; he answers your questions, from what’s the weather tomorrow, to who won the big game last night, to where the nearest coffee shop is. He loves helping with math problems, snapping a photo (sometimes, lots of photos), and showing off his dance moves. Jibo really just wants to be a part of your life.

If you are curious about what else Jibo can do, see How to use Jibo.

For help getting started, check out the Getting Started video.

Set up Jibo
WiFi Requirements and Best Practices
Install the Jibo app
The Loop - Overview
Jibo How-to videos
Jibo User Guide
Explore the Jibo app
Where should I set up Jibo?
Add someone to the loop
Set up multiple users with Jibo
Join a loop
Managing multiple loops
Introduce someone to Jibo

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