Do I need to be signed in to the Jibo app to use Jibo?

In short, no.

Loop owners:

The app is only absolutely necessary when setting up Jibo for the first time and when inviting members to your loop. Otherwise, you can use Jibo as you normally would without it. You will only need to log back in to the app to change Jibo's WiFi and modify loop member information (this includes adding and deleting loop members). You can also use the app to look at the pictures you take with Jibo and learn some helpful Jibo tips, so it could be handy to have.

Adult Loop members:

You do not need the app to use Jibo unless you wish to modify your account information and/or view the mobile version of Jibo's gallery.

Child Loop members:

Children under the age of 13 can use Jibo but are not permitted to install the Jibo app.

Please note: Jibo follows all COPPA Compliance laws, so parental/guardian permission is required for anyone under the age of 13 who wants to join the loop. A parent/guardian must be part of the loop and may need to use the app in order for a child to join. (See: Add a child to the loop or click here to download and read the COPPA Compliance form.)

Non-loop members:

You can interact with Jibo without the app. However, if you would like Jibo to recognize your face and voice you will need to Join a loop. In this case, the loop owner must use the app to invite you to their loop.

Additional Information

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