Couldn't generate QR code

The QR code is automatically generated by the Jibo App after you enter your WiFi credentials. 

If you are setting up Jibo for the first time, and are having trouble generating a QR code, please be sure your mobile device meets our minimum requirements. 

You may experience difficulty generating a QR code if your mobile device:
  • is in airplane mode.
  • is connected to a weak WiFi network.
  • is connected to a WiFi network (like an enterprise) that cannot connect to our servers.
  • your mobile device or operating system does not meet our minimum requirements.
  • Initial Setup Only: If you device does meet our requirements, you may also need to decrease the display size in your device's settings to ensure you are able to see the entirety of the Jibo App screens so you are able to tap each button to progress through the initial setup process; some buttons may not display if your screen's resolution is too large.
In order to generate a QR code, your app must be able to communicate with our severs via WiFi. If you have weak or no WiFi connection, your phone will be unable to do so. 

Make sure that your mobile device is connected to WiFi and try generating a QR code again. 

If you are still experiencing trouble, Contact Jibo Customer Care.

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