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To buy Jibo, go to and click the “Buy Jibo" button in the top right corner of the page. You will be redirected to the Jibo online store where you can select and complete your purchase. 

If you want to learn more about Jibo see:
Getting Started
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Questions about Jibo:

Can Jibo's name be changed to something else?
Will Jibo record or report suspicious people who enter my home?
Will Jibo be used to advertise to me?
Can I teach Jibo to do new behaviors and tasks?
Can I customize Jibo's personality?
How often will Jibo receive updates?
Do I need to keep Jibo on all the time?
Available language options
How big is Jibo?

Is Jibo secure?
Is Jibo spying on me?
Will Jibo collect data that is sold to advertisers or third parties?
How does Jibo protect my personal data?
Can all my information be deleted and removed from your system if I decide to return him?

What OS does Jibo use?
Is Jibo difficult to set up?
Which countries support Jibo?
What kind of Internet speeds do I need to use Jibo?
Will Jibo work with my router?
Can I use Jibo without an Android or iOS device?
Is there any problem placing Jibo in a home with pets? (Cats, dogs, etc.)
Do I need a WiFi network to use Jibo?
Is Jibo made in the USA?
Does Jibo have accessibility features?
Does Jibo come in different colors?
Why is Jibo so much more expensive than other devices on the market?
Is Jibo repairable if he breaks?
Jibo Limited Warranty
Why is Jibo male?
Is Jibo currently a great product specifically for: kids, older users, user with disabilities?
Why is he named Jibo?
What can Jibo currently do that other voice activated devices (like Amazon Echo) can't?
Are there any financing options available for purchasing a Jibo?
Can Jibo be shipped to military addresses?
Hardware Specifications

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