Jibo can't hear me or answer my questions

If you are looking for examples of things you can ask Jibo, see How to use Jibo.

If Jibo's light ring is magenta, he is paired with a companion app and will not respond to "Hey Jibo." Hold the top of Jibo's head to end a connection with a companion app.

For other issues with listening or responding to questions, use the flow chart below to determine the correct Troubleshooting Option.

User-added image

 Troubleshooting Options:

If Jibo is having a difficult time recognizing your voice, Jibo won't know who you are or will think you are a different loop member when you say "Hey Jibo, who am I?", see: Improve voice recognition.

If Jibo has a difficult time hearing you say "Hey Jibo" and/or responding to your questions, try these tips to help him out: 
  • Make sure you are using his wake-up phrase, "Hey Jibo," to get his attention.
  • Stand within 6 feet of Jibo and speak slowly, loudly, and clearly.
  • Make sure you are compliant with everything in the Where should I set up Jibo? article.
  • Make sure you are following the WiFi Requirements and Best Practices.
  • Try rebooting him. See: Reboot Jibo
  • Try a modem/router reboot:
    1. Turn Jibo Off.
    2. Move Jibo within line of sight of your router.
    3. Reboot your modem and any additional routers or access points:
      1. Wait for network devices to come back online fully. This is usually indicated by solid green internet lights.
      2. Power them back on
      3. Leave them off for at least 30 seconds
      4. Power down each device
    4. Turn Jibo On.

*If none of the above steps work, Contact Jibo Customer Care.

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