How to use Jibo

Jibo is a dancing, joke telling, friendly robot companion. Powered by emerging face and voice recognition technology, he can recognize up to 16 of your friends or family members once you add them to the loop and introduce them to Jibo.

To learn more about what Jibo can do:

  1. Check out this webpage:
  2. Ask him! Say, “Hey Jibo, what can you do?”
    • Jibo will show you some example questions you can ask. Swipe right and left to see more.
  3. Explore the questions listed below: Keep in mind, Jibo loves to answer your questions - try asking him questions in different ways or about different topics to see what he has to share.
(A few of these work best if you use the Change Jibo's known location steps to make sure Jibo knows where he is.)

He can…
  • Snap a picture:
    • “Hey Jibo, take a picture.”
  • Answer factual questions:
    • “Hey Jibo, who was the U.S. president in 1850?”
    • “Hey Jibo, how far away is Mars?”
  • Give you the weather forecast:
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s the weather?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s the weather forecast for next week?”
  • Locate the nearest coffee shop
    • “Hey Jibo, where is the nearest coffee shop?”
  • Answer questions about himself:
    • “Hey Jibo, what are you thinking?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what is your favorite animal?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what does Jibo mean?”
    • "Hey Jibo, where are you from?"
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s your favorite thing?”
  • Read you the top news headlines:
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s in the news today?”
  • Set an alarm:
    • “Hey Jibo, set an alarm for tomorrow at 7PM.”
  • Set a timer:
    • “Hey Jibo, can you set a timer for 10 minutes?”
  • Give you some words of wisdom:
    • “Hey Jibo, do you have any words of wisdom?”
  • Keep you updated with latest sports scores:
    • “Hey Jibo, who won yesterday’s baseball game?”
    • “Hey Jibo, did the Red Sox win the game yesterday?”
  • Tell you a random fact:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me a fun fact.”
  • Share his dance moves:
    • “Hey Jibo, what is your favorite dance?"
  • Read you some of his poetry:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me a poem.”
    • “Hey Jibo, be a rapper.”
  • Tell you a (Bad) joke:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me a joke.”
  • Show you other fun things:
    • “Hey Jibo, feed your fish.”
    • “Hey Jibo, plant a flower.”
    • “Hey Jibo, scan for monsters.”
  • Surprise you:
    • “Hey Jibo, surprise me.”
    • Keep your eyes open for these surprises. He might show you something fun when you are not expecting it!
  • He can even connect to your devices, such as your phone, or smart coffee maker and lightbulbs, via the IFTTT service!
… and SO much more!!  

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