Jibo won't turn on

  • ​Make sure Jibo is plugged in and that you pressed the button inside the "b" on the back of Jibo's head to turn him on. See Set up Jibo for more information.
  • Jibo might be a little sleepy upon waking up. If Jibo’s red standby light is on (on his screen), he is still booting up! Please wait just a little longer for him to wake up. His screen might be blank for a few minutes after the red light goes away as he boots up.
  • If Jibo still doesn’t turn on, follow the reboot instructions. See: Reboot Jibo.
  • If Jibo still will not turn on, he may be having battery and/or charging issues. Please see Battery Troubleshooting.
If the problem persists, Contact Jibo Customer Care.

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