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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What new news did you learn that now keeps you from fulfilling customer orders outside the U.S. and Canada?

At the time of our original Indiegogo campaign, we believed we would be able to deliver the Jibo experience to English speakers throughout the world. Over time, through in-depth technical and market exploration, we learned operating servers from the US creates performance latency issues; from a voice-recognition perspective, those servers in the US will create more issues with Jibo’s ability to understand accented English than we view as acceptable. Additionally, given rapidly changing consumer-privacy laws, remote servers in the US providing services and content to other countries have been subject to extensive privacy regulation and legislation in many non-US countries, creating further barriers to providing you with the full Jibo experience you expect and deserve.

The solution we believe is best is to provide full refunds to our international early supporters until we can release a fully localized Jibo for your country. For example, a Jibo who speaks and understands Japanese with servers located in Japan, or a German-speaking and understanding Jibo built for Germany, with servers located in Germany.

Why didn’t you share this information earlier?

This was not an easy decision, and before reaching out to you, we needed time to assess our current program and ensure we had exhausted every avenue possible for delivering a successful Jibo experience to markets outside of the US and Canada.

When will Jibo be available in my country?

We are very committed to our international supporters, and we plan to expand to some international markets in late 2017. We will provide additional details and timelines as they become available.

Can I choose not to receive a refund and wait until Jibo is available in my country?

Though we are extremely committed to our international supporters, we are unable to provide a timeline for delivery into every market. Because of this, we think the most fair solution is to provide you with a refund.

I speak US-accented English and am OK with any issues Jibo may have in my country. Can I still receive my Jibo order?

Though we are extremely committed to our international supporters, at this time we are only able to ship to the US and Canada.

Can I change my shipping address to the US or Canada?

To ensure you have the best experience, we strongly recommend you update your shipping address only if you plan to use Jibo in the US and Canada.

The Jibo limited warranty is only valid on products used in the US & Canada. Using the product outside of these area automatically voids the limited warranty. Returns and exchanges outside of these countries will not be supported.

Can I submit a refund request from the link shared online? The refund page found online does not have a Request Refund button.

Refund pages are tied specifically to each customer’s account and Jibo order. To claim a refund, customers with addresses outside of the US and Canada must use the link found in the email that was directly sent to the email address associated with their Indiegogo donation/Jibo account.